Inflight Sales Person Of The Year


The Worlds Greatest Selling Cabin Crew 2014

If you are new to ISPY or just new to this website, Welcome!

The ISPY story began in 1999 when twenty eight crew representing fourteen airlines, came to London for two days to compete for the title of Inflight Sales Person of the Year.

January 2014 saw 100 of the world’s greatest selling cabin crew from thirty eight airlines, ten concessionaire and forty sponsor companies come together for five days of training, assessments, workshops, trade show and much much more.

ISPY is unique as it caters for Inflight Retail stake holders. and it is with this in mind….

Our objectives are:


To provide the worlds’ greatest selling cabin crew with world class sales training, and the opportunity to compete for the title of Inflight Sales Person of the Year.

Crew Management

To present and demonstrate the latest sales training solutions and tools. To provide thought provoking speakers, workshops and forums which stimulates dynamic discussion between airline peers.

Airline Buyers

To be part of the supplier/crew discussions in order to identify new opportunities for new products, customer promotions, and crew incentives.


To provide an opportunity to ‘host’ their clients at an event which serves to up-skill and motivate cabin crew in order to increase revenues from onboard sales.


To provide unrivalled value for money, allow entry to no more than 44 sponsor companies and no more than four from each product category, very importantly, not allow entry to any suppliers who are not a sponsor (other than at the Gala Awards) and finally at our trade show, we guarantee ‘face to face’ time with EVERY airline delegation.


ISPY has been described as ‘life changing’ on many occasions, but to understand why, you have to be there.

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